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WorkShop Theatre Co

If you’ve browsed the site you will have noticed that I enjoy making posters of some shows. There is no practical purpose for this; by the time I photograph a show at dress rehearsal any poster they may be using has been out and around for weeks and maybe even months. It is done purely to tickle my own fancy when I have a photograph that I feel is apt and the time to “play”.

NEXT YEAR IN JERUSALEM is the story of an old man who moved to the U.S. from Israel as a young father to fulfill a promise he made to his wife on her deathbed. He was a soldier and a zionist who hated to leave his home but respected his wife’s wishes that their children not be raised amid the war and chaos rampant in the mid-east. As he nears the end of his life, he tries to repair his troubled relationships with those children and looks forward to spending “next year in Jerusalem”…a metaphor for finding peace within himself and with the life he has unexpectedly lived while remaining the man who loved and was loved by his wife.